App Development Instander Changelog

Changelog: The latest public beta of Instander 18 is here! After a significant period of development, we’re thrilled to unveil this updated version, which incorporates numerous improvements. We’ve overhauled the structure, and logic, and rewritten the modification code from scratch. Despite our efforts, we recognize that there may still be imperfections, bugs, or areas for enhancement. This is where you come in – we need your assistance in testing the beta version and providing feedback.

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It’s been over 26 days since the promise of initiating work on the new version, yet there hasn’t been any tangible progress. The last update occurred more than 10 months ago, signifying a significant hiatus. But what’s causing this delay?

At the onset of the year, a sense of fatigue set in, leading to a diminished interest in advancing Instander. Consequently, attention veered towards other ongoing projects. However, as time progressed, enthusiasm for revamping Instander resurfaced. This time around, the aim was to ensure that the update would be robust, incorporating newfound knowledge and skills. Consequently, the process is taking longer than anticipated as I’m essentially overhauling the entire codebase. This entails eliminating redundant segments, updating to a newer framework, and enhancing overall performance. These endeavors are geared towards bolstering the app’s stability and facilitating the incorporation of new functionalities.

Presently, only 25% of the envisioned modifications have been executed. Given my penchant for perfectionism, I often find myself revisiting previously written code, striving to optimize it further. This meticulous approach contributes to the extended duration of the update.

Completed tasks include:

  • Enhancing the app’s structural integrity.
  • Refining the mechanism for media downloads.
  • Upgrading the settings menu.
  • Enhancing the functionality of Insider Verify.
  • Implementing numerous minor yet crucial tweaks aimed at enhancing user experience.

Currently, efforts are focused on developing a new feature termed “In-App Update.” This addition holds significant relevance as it is poised to streamline the update process, potentially resulting in more frequent and seamless updates directly from within the app.

However, certain pending tasks include:

  • Downsizing advertisements.
  • Incorporating additional gesture controls.
  • Introducing the Ghost Mode feature.
  • Enhancing the visual aesthetics of the app.
  • Designing a new theme.
  • Implementing a comments menu.

As for an estimated completion date, it’s challenging to provide a definitive timeline given the extent of pending tasks. Rest assured, efforts are ongoing to expedite the process and deliver a comprehensive update in due course.

Instander v17.2

  • Implemented a new theme for Android 12+
  • Added functionality to disable the theme
  • Resolved issues with feed loading on certain devices
  • Fixed the download button for Reels
  • Corrected errors with Alte & Hoefler New fonts
  • Updated the target SDK to 33.

Instander v17.2 Beta 3

  • Monet theme integration for Android 12 and above.
  • Resolved app launch issues on certain devices.
  • Bug fixes: The coin theme is now properly disabled in all languages except English.
  • Bug fix: Toggle availability is now corrected for Android 12.
  • Note: Due to technical constraints, the Monet theme might not be available in all languages. Currently supported languages include: English, Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic, Armenian, Belarusian, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Malayalam, Polish, Spanish, and Turkish.
  • If you wish to have the Monet theme in your native language, consider translating Instander. Thank you.

Version 1.0.3

  • Added new feature: ability to create and share playlists
  • Added support for new languages
  • Improved user interface

Version 1.0.4

  • Fixed security vulnerabilities
  • Improved performance
  • Added new feature: ability to download videos

Version 1.0.5

  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Improved stability of the app
  • Added support for new devices

Version 1.0.6

  • Added new feature: the ability to add custom themes
  • Added support for new features
  • Improved user experience

Version 1.0.7

  • Fixed security vulnerabilities
  • Improved performance
  • Added new feature: the ability to share app with friends

Version 1.0.8

  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Improved stability of the app
  • Added new feature: the ability to report bugs

Version 1.0.9

  • Added new feature: the ability to translate the app into multiple languages
  • Added support for new devices
  • Improved user experience

Version 1.1.0

  • Fixed security vulnerabilities
  • Improved performance
  • Added new feature: ability to sync app data across devices

Instander v11.0

  • Implemented the “Unmutual Followers” feature again.
  • Corrected Cyrillic characters in the Modern font (Д, Л, Ё).
  • Redesigned StoryQuality functionality.
  • Revamped IGTVQuality feature.
  • Removed Covid-19 information.
  • Eliminated the info button in “Unmutual Followers”.
  • Introduced a small Easter egg.
  • Addressed numerous issues and improved performance through fixes and optimizations.

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