Download Instander Original (UnClone) for Android

Just click the button below to download the newest Original (UnClone) on your device. It’s the latest version as of January 2024.

Instander Apk
Instander Apk

Download and Installation Prosses

1:Press the download button.
2. Wait until the download is complete and check if the file size matches the size shown on the download button.
3. Open your file manager where the Instander Original is saved.
4. Tap on the application once.
5. Follow the usual steps for installing apps on Android as they appear one after the other.

Note: To ensure the Unclone version of the Instander app functions properly, you must first uninstall the original Instagram app. However, if you opt to download the Clone version, there is no necessity to uninstall the original app.

From the official website:

From the mirror:

Old Instander APK-versions


instander-14.0-c.apk .instander-14.1-c.apk,instander-15.0-c.apk, instander-15.1-c.apk, instander-15.2-c.apk, instander-15.3-c.apk, instander-15.4-c.apk, instander-16.0-c.apk, instander-17.0-c.apk, instander-17.1-c.apk, instander-17.2-c.apk


instander-14.0.apk, instander-14.1.apk, instander-15.0.apk, instander-15.1.apk, instander-15.2.apk, instander-15.3.apk, instander-15.4.apk, instander-16.0.apk, instander-17.0.apkinstander-17.1.apk

Instander Original App Overview

App NameInstander Apk
Size54 MB
Android requires5.0 or above
Last Updated2 days ago

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